Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Young People

The safety of all people in our care, particularly children and vulnerable young people, is a fundamental concern for the Loreto Province of Australia and South East Asia and for all who work in, or support, its ministries.   

The Province is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that is safe, supportive, caring and nurturing for all children and vulnerable young people in its ministries.

Our Statement of Commitment to Safeguarding Children and Young People can be found here.

The Province has detailed policies and procedures to ensure the safeguarding of all children and vulnerable young people in our care.

Professional Standards

The Province’s Professional Standards Officer:

  • advises the Loreto Province on best practice approaches
  • handles complaints
  • ensures compliance with standards and legislation
Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out the Province’s expectations on professional and personal conduct, with the aim of promoting integrity and ethical behaviour, and to guide an individual’s dealings with all others.

The National Redress Scheme

In April 2020, the Loreto Province of Australia and South East Asia joined the National Redress Scheme to formalise our shared commitment to acknowledge and offer redress to those who have experienced child sexual abuse in any Province institutions.

Our statement regarding the Loreto Province’s commitment to joining the National Redress Scheme can be found here.

Click here to access further information on the National Redress Scheme.

Click here to complete an Application for Redress.


Feature Image: Artwork by Loreto Sister Susan Daily ibvm