Leaders in Education

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Strengthening Governance Within all Ministries

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Contemporary Expressions of the Gospel and Mary Ward

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Our Mission

To be inspired by the values of Mary Ward to support and expand access to high quality, inclusive, and caring education, and provide leadership in response to contemporary needs.

About us

Excellence in education and leadership

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    Strong Governance

    Strengthen governance within all ministries
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    High standards of Education and Leadership

    Lead educational excellence in our schools across Australia and South East Asia
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    Financial Sustainability

    Build financial and environmental capacity to ensure sustainability
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    Educating Communities of Disadvantage

    Offer quality education to communities of disadvantage
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    Contemporary Expressions of the Gospel and Mary Ward

    Develop and implement contemporary expressions of the Gospel and Mary Ward spirit within all ministries

Our Schools

Educating women and men to be seekers of truth and doers of justice.

Child Safety

Providing an environment that is caring, nurturing and safe for all children and young people.

News & Events

Updating our Loreto community on recent news and events.